• 08/07/2015

The company Fun Photo Events SL asked us to redesign their photobooth for weddings and events and find a differential value compared to its competitors. The original model has software that allows users to manage photos, print them in the moment and upload them to the internet via Fb or Twitter.

00 before after

With the design Photolux XL machine we provided its own distinctive design and functionality which were improved. It fits all kinds of elegant, festive and corporate environments.



The design line is based on two languages to invite the user to approach and interact with it; for upper methacrylate, and wood for support.


02 FotoLux XL 02 copia 2


The differential value lies both in its elegant design, and incorporating the Upper “Flash”. This colour is customizable so the customer can show his corporate chromatic range. It incorporates “behaviors” playing with the environment. It rises and falls in intensity as the crowd, dancing with the rhythm of the music, and also changes to white, at the time of taking the picture, to help illuminate the scene. This improvement has been possible thanks to our Technology Partner ETC inventions.


03 FotoLux XL 04 04 FotoLux XL 05


The high quality of internal devices, optics, printers, displays and programming of market leading brands, Canon, Mitsubishi, Assur, etc … complete the set, with excellent photo quality and their impressions always on the spot with high speed .


05 FotoLux XL 11



To complete the project we developed a logo and naming ADHOC. Versions are named from the sizing of clothes. (S, M, L or XL.) Identifying them by an elegant embroidered fabric label where their logo and name, PHOTOLUX (XL) mark the new way in which to develop the new product family Fun Photo Events.


08 logo_photolux_500px





Certainly a leap forward in the design and strategy played a key role and the client has improved their sales significantly.




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